Dalmatian Gifts

The Dalmatian is a muscular dog breed well known for its black spots and white coat. The Dalmatian gets its name from the Dalmatia region of Croatia, although its origins are disputed. Spotted dogs can be seen in paintings dating back to the 1300s. Dalmatians have served many working roles throughout the years. They guarded the borders of ancient Dalmatia, they are excellent hunting and bird dogs, are they were used in the United States as carriage dogs when fire engines were pulled by horses. Due to this history with fire departments in the United States, they are often known as the “Firehouse Dog”. Dalmatians are smart, loyal and active dogs and make great walking or running companions. .

We have a great collection of custom and personalized (or not) gifts for Dalmatian lovers including iPhone & Galaxy cases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and vinyl decals.