Weimaraner Gifts and Apparel

The Weimaraner is a large breed of dog that originated in Germany in the 1800s. They were originally developed as gundogs to hunt both large animals like bear and deer as well as smaller animals like rabbits and foxes. Often called the “Silver Ghost”, the Weimaraner is an elegant, handsome, and athletic dog with tons of energy to burn. Weimaraner dogs are friendly and obedient and make excellent companions and watchdogs. But they are also strong-willed and may not always get along with other pets, especially cats and other small animals that they may enjoy chasing if not properly trained. Early training and socialization is recommended for a well-rounded Weimaraner.

We offer a great collection of custom and personalized (or not) gifts for Weimaraner lovers including coffee cups, t-shirts, and iPhone & Galaxy cases.